Mac Ruiz

Vice President of Operations

Mac entered the film industry in 2010 after leaving the military and graduating college.  He spent the first four years of his career working in the camera department learning all about digital film and technology processing.  He developed relationships with a lot of manufacturing companies notably Cinema Devices and helped bring their flagship device, the Anti-Gravity Rig, to the southeast.  In 2014, Mac started his mentorship with Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC.  Under Shane he learned the grip and electric departments and how to become a cinematographer himself.  After a few years working in the grip and electric department in films like Disney’s Aladdin and HBO’s The Watchmen, he developed a very strong sense of how film sets should operate and where the waste lies on sets.  He took the years of cinematography training and practice mixed with the big set experience and joined Galatia as a producer in 2019 to bring to the team solutions to lowering costs of the on-set part of production while making crew quality of life better through efficient film set practices.  Mac, going forward continues to develop global crew relationships and continuing to learn and bring new technological advances to the way Galatia produces films, ultimately lowering costs and saving time.