Our Core Values

We Work With You

Filmmaking is a true collaborative art bringing together a multitude of creative and business people alike to work on one project. We treat our consulting projects just the same, only bringing on board the absolute best, each with their own area of expertise. In the end, the success of the individual is the success of the team.

We Pursue Excellence

In all that we do, we aim to reach the highest level of excellence. Good quality control across all of our services is always the goal. From market research to implementing an advertising blitz to draw in millions of new customers, we don’t cut corners. We take this same approach on each film as well, bringing in the ideal talent.

We Welcome New Ideas

There are no bad ideas, only untested approaches that have yet to be fully proved reliable. Silence when it comes to developing ideas is a mistake, where innovation is at the heart of the process. Great communication coupled with strong open leadership gets the job done right the first time. Working smarter, that’s the idea.

We Foster Creativity

Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains taken to bring it to light. Creativity in the corporate world of facts and figures can sometimes be a difficult battle, yet Galatia Films believes it’s a ideal worth fighting for. New approaches to old problems, thinking outside the box, this is where we like to focus our efforts.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • listening

    It’s imperative for us to be good listeners. Listening to those around us before speaking is crucial to get things right every time.


    We have an open-door policy for all we do. Want to know more about a key strategic point? Any question at all, call us.

  • pinpoint

    We find the trouble areas zeroing in on key aspects identifying the exact message you need to convey to your audience.


    Our aim is always to help you reach new heights in your industry. When breaking new ground we stand beside you.

Weekly Check-Ins

  • checkpoint

    Marketing checkups to ensure you’re reaching your target base are key. Let Galatia Films help you stay connected to your fans.


    Launch days can be crucial when it comes to coordinating with other calendar events. Galatia has the right tools that can help.

  • structure

    We’ll get your organizational structure in order with a team that’s designed to broaden and reflect your current and future goals.


    Whether you need your project completed by next week or have a sharp deadline next month, we come in on time and on budget.

Ongoing Discovery

  • Movement

    Galatia Films loves spotting new trends and being “first in” when it comes to new roads of creativity and breaking new records.

  • checklist

    Setting goals that are absolutely right for you and planning for success is key. Will help you create the best future course of action.

  • revenue

    Your bottom line is of the utmost importance to us. Our number one goal has remained to increase your companies wealth and prosperity.

  • analysis

    We are nothing without our analytics team. Big Data and statistical analysis can reveal hidden gems for moving forward.