Galatia Teams up with Atlanta Pinewood developer ProMaker

Galatia Films has partnered with ProMaker Development Group, on a new state of the art film and television production facility located near Atlanta, GA. Galatia Films has been brought on to assist with financing, production and leasing aspects of the new film studio. Future roles for Galatia’s founder Daniel McNicoll will encompass day-to-day operations and booking for the 50,000 sq. ft stage space. Both production companies, Galatia and El Ride, for their part, will be committing exclusive projects, content and resources.

ProMaker understands success, having worked with leading organizations including Pinewood Atlanta, developing the UK based company’s first North American studio. Pinewoods’ legacy is strong as it’s been the base for many hit productions over the years including large-scale films and television programs such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Bond film franchise. Pinewood Atlanta has been home to many Marvel Studios’ pictures, including Ant Man and Captain America to name a few.

ProMaker has worked across the private, public and social sectors for over fifty years combined. Their knowledge of the development industry-on both the financial and the construction sides, allows them to address problems that no one else can. The proposed studio will be a purpose-built film and television production facility located south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Created by industry professionals and technicians, the studio will allow for all production elements, including a sound-stage with a 20’ high by 270-degree semicircular LED video wall similarly used in ILM’s collaboration with Epic Games on the The Mandalorian.

New virtual production workflows allows filmmakers to capture complex visual effects in-camera using real-time game engine technology. LED screens offer dynamic photo-real digital landscapes and sets that look truly amazing while saving time and money on the production side. In truth they are a logistical dream for productions. The project is being built with the creative team in mind and will produce some of the highest quality film and TV content in the US.

Utilizing a fast a fiber optic network, the new studio will give film producers the ability to backup multiple cinema quality feeds, for uncompressed video rendering across the world. The latest catwalk rigging system will allows crews to operate safely and efficiently. Regarding upcoming studio competitive rates and leasing agreements or any questions, please contact Galatia Films to learn more.

ILM’s collaboration with Epic Games on Star War’s The Mandalorian.