Galatia Director Joins Founders Studio

Galatia Films’ executive director Daniel McNicoll has partnered with Founders Studio, a new state of the art film and television production facility located in Atlanta, GA. McNicoll has been brought on to assist with financing aspects of the new studio. Future roles for Galtia’s founder and El Ride Productions, David Lugo, may encompass day-to-day operations and leasing for the 100,000 sq. ft stage space. Both production companies, Galatia and El Ride, for their part will be committing exclusive projects, content and resources.

Founders Studio is a purpose-built film and television production facility located south of the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). Created by industry professionals and technicians, the studio with its groundbreaking Hub design allows for all necessary production elements to be housed and contained within a single microcosm. Each hub contains two state of the art soundstages, totaling 50,000 sq. ft of stage space, 30,000 sq. ft of construction/flex space, and 20,000 sq. ft of office space.

Founders is uniquely advanced, built with the end user in mind and features some of the highest quality film and TV production space in the world. The studio fosters a working environment that increases efficiency, safety, and quality of work which in turn saves time and money. The innovative compact hub design allows for each moving part of the physical production to operate in close proximity creating a streamlined, simultaneous, collective workflow. The facility’s specially engineered walls and doors isolate the soundstages from the rest of the hub along with noises from the outside world. This allows loading, unloading, construction, and other work to continue right outside the walls without unwanted noise interrupting filming.

Using the lightning speed of a fiber optic network, Founders Studio gives future clients the ability to backup multiple cinema quality camera feeds, uncompressed, in real time, across the country. The Hub’s top of the line catwalk rigging system allows crews to operate at peak efficiency safely. Each stage has been designed to have 9600 amps immediately available, while tie in points at strategic locations lower the number of expensive cables needed, and allow each production to avoid the use of generators entirely. Regarding upcoming studio competitive rates and leasing agreements or any questions, please visit the Founders Studio website to learn more.