Narrated by ‘Lord Of The Rings’ and ‘Indiana Jones’ Star

Narrated by actor John Rhys-Davies (“Lord Of The Rings”, “Indiana Jones”) and produced with the support of Weta Workshop and the Royal Armouries, the documentary film “Reclaiming The Blade” sees Hollywood stars joining forces with historians for a fascinating celebration of the culture and craft of swords,  both the movie legends and academic warriors who wield them, and the emerging worldwide movement to reclaim medieval and renaissance martial arts.

Illustrated by clips from some of Hollywood’s greatest sword-wielding adventures, from the swashbuckling movies of Errol Flynn to swords-and-sandals epics such as “Gladiator” and “Troy”, and from classics such as “The Princess Bride” and “Pirates Of The Caribbean” to blockbusters “The Lord Of The Rings” and “Star Wars”. This comprehensive and entertaining film takes a look at the history of European and Asian swordplay and offers an insight into the thrilling world of stage combat on the silver screen. The film also traces the sword’s history and cinema’s tribute to its beauty in screen classics.

Among those featured in the film discussing the fascination of the sword in popular media are actors Viggo Mortensen  and Karl Urban, legendary Hollywood sword-master and stunt choreographer Bob Anderson, conceptual designer John Howe plus Weta Workshop supervisor Sir Richard Taylor.

The Double Disc Special Edition of Reclaiming The Blade will be released on DVD (£10.99) by Starz Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Special Features include: The Making Of Reclaiming The Blade; Weta Workshop: Lost Interviews; Narsil Reforged As Anduril; Sword Training Footage; Forging A Blade; Touring Higgins Armory; Oakeshott Sword Classifications; New York Jedi Exclusive Featurette; Production Diaries; Trailer.