Starz, Anchor Bay Distribution Partners for Galatia Films

Galatia Films and Starz/Anchor Bay set up a distribution plan for Galatia Films that saw the first of its films “Reclaiming the Blade” hit shelves all around the world. Anchor Bay whose films are now released through Lionsgate, inked the original deal. Starz is an American premium cable and satellite television network which serves as Starz Inc.’s flagship service. Starz’s programming features theatrically released motion pictures and first-run original television series.

The headquarters of Starz, and its sister networks Starz Encore and MoviePlex, are located at the Meridian International Business Center complex in Englewood, Colorado. As of January 2016, Starz is available to 31 million households in the United States. In addition to its well-known Lionsgate Films division, Lions Gate Entertainment, which generated the seventh-highest gross revenue in North America in 2015, the company contains other divisions such as Lionsgate Television and Lionsgate Interactive. It owns a variety of subsidiaries such as Summit Entertainment, Debmar-Mercury, and Starz.