BMW and Mercedes Team with Galatia Films

Whether shooting commercials for BMW or distributing hit documentaries on the history of Mercedes-Benz, Galatia Films has been in the fast lane offering support to some of the leaders of the auto industry, where innovation is key.

The award winning documentary on German car company Mercedes Benz needed a good digital distribution partner to navigate and reach their global markets and with Galatia’s expertise in Apple iTunes, Amazon and Netflix placement, the partnership was a good match. Progressive technology and exceptional design along with the passion to build the best automobiles in the world define Mercedes-Benz. Take a ride through history and see how the inventions of Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz changed the world of engineering and automotive feats. With sensational never-been-seen exclusive footage from the Daimler Chrysler archives, this program is bound to thrill historians and motoring enthusiasts. “Fascination: History of Mercedes Benz” was placed digitally in a number of online markets including Apple iTunes.

BMW Information Technology Research Center

Located on the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research campus, the Information Technology Research Center is an integral part of BMW’s research and development network. The ITRC provides an important platform within the BMW Group for joint innovation projects with leading IT companies in the U.S. At the ITRC, mechanical, electrical, computer engineers and students – both from BMW, the IT industry and universities – are working in an open innovation model on exciting proof of concepts and pilot projects where IT innovations move automotive solutions forward. A specific effort is made to find synergy between IT infrastructure, IT applications and manufacturing process-related innovation topics. This has brought BMW closer to the southern region of the US, increasing jobs and film production for BMW and other leading car manufacturers.