Chinese Media Visit Glastonbury

Understandably we are very excited and honored by the attention China has graciously bestowed upon Glastonbury this week. It is a very magical place for many around the world and we join hands with those who share in our enthusiasm for its historically rich soil.

The burial ground of King Arthur, the legends of Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and the mysteries of Avalon, this is what draws us to Glastonbury, which is a sacred place for healing and reflection and so we are delighted that so many Chinese tourists wish to spend time here.

Given that much of the filming for Glastonbury: Isle of Light will take place in Somerset, a county beloved by China, we look forward to a continued interest from that part of the world in our production.

John Turner of Visit Somerset says:

“We started with the Chinese Embassy trip on the 5th October, which was a huge success and has already been a catalyst for future development for business and PR opportunities. A future meeting has already been set up with the two Chinese media news agencies that Visit Somerset met on Saturday.

Visit Somerset will be in London part of the month to discuss, the Hollywood film, Glastonbury: Isle of Light, and its development and what it will mean for the region, as well as getting together with German TV (BBC equivalent) ZDF to discuss similar developments.

Also in discussion will be the editorial coverage of the Embassy visit to Somerset and how we can work together and report more proactively, (giving necessary publicity for businesses and tourist attractions in Somerset) to the domestic and international Chinese market, (which runs into the many millions!)”

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