Top Fencing Collegiate Competition

Today, we joined universities Carnegie Mellon, Dartmouth, Emory, Clemson among many others is what proved to be an amazing shoot featuring one of this years top collegiate fencing competition

Mitchell Lane, president of the Clemson University Fencing Club, on location at the university. We were also privileged to attend an earlier fencing clinic with 50 plus students and a visiting instructor/adviser to the Clemson team from the University of Florida.

The clinic setting allowed us time to capture college-aged fencers of all ability levels performing drills and dueling with partners. One of the biggest advantages was getting to see the three different types of fencing- Epi, Foil, and Saber in a side-by-side comparison.

As there was more to capture in regards to fencing the full scale collegiate competition including interviews with top athletes and their coaches.