Lakeshore Records Partners with Galatia

The Soundtrack Drops from Lakeshore Records!

Any great bard would tell you it’s the music that makes a story worth hearing. Music-lover’s may now rejoice in the release of our first ever Galatia Films’ Soundtrack!

Was contacted by our composer on “Reclaiming the Blade”, David James Nielsen the other day, turns out he had some wonderful new mixes of the score without the orchestral voices. It was a pleasure to listen once more to these tracks. David is a fantastic film composer and it was a pleasure working with him. We were able to give the film the original music that the story deserved. I think this is some of his best work to date and that is truly saying something as the writing he’s done on other projects is phenomenal. Check out some of the other orchestral scores he has worked on here: Also check out the original Reclaiming the Blade score on Lakeshore Records here:

Galatia Films has teamed up songwriters and artiststo create a very unique soundtrack that celebrates the rediscovery of pop music. Combine this with a Hollywood orchestral score by David James Nielsen and it’s a compilation worth checking out. It is now available from Lakeshore Records. Available on iTunes, download individual tracks from the original orchestral score, or buy the complete album to be introduced to some of the bands that helped make the music of RTB.

Music coordinator Peter Iselin of Solo Management has taken on the project and the talks of a possible soundtrack record to be released along with David James Nielsen’s orchestral score have been realized. “The artists Daniel McNicoll has selected fit real well into the cut,” explains Peter, “and we were very happy to be on board, ultimately bringing everyone together for what we hope will be a successful soundtrack on Lakeshore Records.”