Announcing ‘Reclaiming the Blade’ Day!

Published by Reclaiming the Blade Day

LOS ANGELES – A massive online event is scheduled for August 3rd, the first ever Middle-earth Network Online Convention, this year packaged as ‘Reclaiming the Blade Day’, to go along with a newly reissued special edition of the #1 iTunes documentary Reclaiming the Blade along with a re-mastered exclusive soundtrack available only at The online live event will be streaming to computers, tablets, phones and other devices around the globe, bringing fantasy and fiction worlds to life.

Reclaiming the Blade’s narrator John Rhys-Davies is confirmed to join the Middle-earth Network celebrating Reclaiming the Blade Day. This year’s event is themed “the sword” and will center around not only the re-release of the film but also the new partnership between Galatia Films, LLC and the Middle-earth Network. Over the years there have been many fantasy and sci-fi themed online live gatherings, but nothing of this size or scope to date has been planned, enabling fans worldwide to attend a legendary party for free, and from the comfort of their own home.

Reclaiming the Blade featured interviews with Viggo Mortensen, Karl Urban and Star Wars swordmaster Bob Anderson among many others. This event will include a tribute to the Star Wars sword legend in addition to other recognized sword artists and smiths who are no longer with us. A special featured guest each hour will join a horde of fantasy and sci-fi fans, affiliates, scholars and artists to celebrate the fictional and fantasy worlds that we all love to explore. The growing roster of events will include bladesmith exhibitions, scholarly lectures, contest giveaways, movie viewings, video game exclusives, live chats with the stars and exclusive news announcements.

The event will be streamed live through the MyMiddle-earth social community. Many events are planned so make sure to visit or for the developing details and schedule!

About Galatia Films, LLC: Galatia Films is a US production company managing projects from early development to final publicity. Working with key executives, production talent and A-list actors, Galatia specializes in both history and fantasy; delivering legends from the past to international audiences today.

For press inquiries and event coordination contact Karolina Neyrus