Visit Somerset website to be launched with Hollywood connection

Four weeks ago, Ian Brodie, the award winning photographer and author of “The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook” and soon to be released, “The Hobbit Location Guidebook”, was in Somerset photographing the county. The Visit Somerset team recently announced that Ian Brodie was able to take many thousands of photos and has now passed on the bulk of those images to Visit Somerset for use in their new website,, which is the official county online site for travel and tourism. The photographs are of great value, illustrating Ian’s dedication to Somerset, a county he has his family roots in.

Brodie’s initial visit included location scouting for the Hollywood producers working on a new film set to begin shooting in 2014 titled Glastonbury: Isle of Light. During Brodie’s travels he fell in love with the county, he explains, “In my 35 years of international travel I have never seen such a series of diverse and beautiful landscapes”. Ian is now considering moving to the UK and Somerset due to pending film work in Europe.

Brodie went on to say; “My forebears were born in Glastonbury in the early 1800’s and the opportunity to return to Somerset gives me an immense sense of pride. The varied landscapes, the history, the mythology, combined with the professionalism of Visit Somerset, all provide something amazing to photograph and write about.“ The travel brand website was very happy to have a photographer and writer of Ian’s caliber in Somerset during the pre-planning stages of Glastonbury: Isle of Light. Visit Somerset director John Turner said, “It’s been a joy working with Ian and becoming close friends, it is an incredible honor and we feel immensely privileged.”

Recently Turner along with Visit England accompanied Brodie to London for a meeting with his publisher HarperCollins, discussing his soon to be released Hobbit location guide book, along with Visit England and Visit Somerset potential UK film and tourism location guides. Brodie further explains, “I can’t wait to share my passion in a book that will be available world-wide, encouraging people to take the pilgrimage to Somerset and to take in all the aspects of such a beautiful county”. Somerset businesses stand to benefit greatly and John Turner and his colleagues were pleased with the progress. Turner said, “Having Ian’s work portrayed within the new Visit Somerset website, the official portal for the county, is going to strengthen our marketing position. Having Galatia Films and now a photographer of Ian’s credentials supporting our official tourism and leisure marketing campaign is another defining moment”.

News is soon to be released regarding Ian’s collaboration with Visit Somerset and Galatia Films to develop a county wide tourism guide that he will photograph and write for publication in mid-2014, prior to the films release. Executive director of Galatia Films, Daniel McNicoll said, “Galatia is interested in informing the public as to how truly significant Glastonbury’s myths and legends are, many are simply unaware of the beauty here”. Star Wars casting director Robin Gurland who is attached to the project had this to say, “To be a part of a film in which Glastonbury and Somerset are ‘leading characters’ adds an additional dimension and layer of richness to casting our ensemble. The landscape breaths life into the story and both Ian and John’s work is a big part of this.”. The proposed book will be the pre- treatment for a Somerset full film locations guide book, to include the hotly anticipated Glastonbury: Isle of Light. More to follow.

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