Galatia Offers New Distribution Options

Our mission is to sign quality award winning films with solid talent while working with filmmakers and producers to utilize innovative techniques during the distribution process.

Galatia Films provides independent filmmakers and producers direct access to digital and traditional retailers and broadcasters. We deliver content in all major markets, custom crafting marketing, publicity and advertising campaigns. Galatia Films is your key to traditional distribution system with solid support and backing.

Galatia Films is now the digital sale rep for a multimedia catalog of films to iTunes, Netfilx, Ingram and Baker&Taylor. Galatia’s partners are the #1 aggregator for both physical and digital to Netflix, 100 new labels and 30 new companies a month. Our catalogs includes many titles with major awards and a-list talent, including Billy Bob Thornton, Steve Buscemi, Kristen Bell, Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Carrie Preston, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and many others. This new distribution arm of Galatia Films will be set up for independent producers and filmmakers. Sony, iTunes, Xbox Live, Google, YouTube and others are partners.