Heart FM UK Features New Galatia Film

Glastonbury to come to big screen

A new film project with Glastonbury playing a leading role has moved a step closer to the big screen.

Galatia Films, LLC and Motion Picture Capital Limited recently announced a strategic partnership that combines Motion Picture Capital’s CEO Leon Clarance with Galatia Films’ highly anticipated project, “Glastonbury: Isle of Light”.

Producer, Daniel McNicoll, states:

“Motion Picture Capital and Galatia Films believe the timing is good for this feature film based on the Grail Legend, myths and history that surround Joseph of Arimathea and Glastonbury.

“We’re very excited about the prospect of bringing Glastonbury to the big screen. It’s an iconic legend: England’s rich history and landscape were the first two cast members for us. Certainly the fan-base for the film is growing quickly in Britain.

“The tourism industry including Visit Somerset and Visit Britain have taken a role in supporting the communication of the pre-film development.”

John Turner CEO of Visit Somerset has said:

‘We’ve developed a section of the Visit Somerset website purely to inform and update fans of the up and coming film.

‘Since the inclusion of the Glastonbury: Isle of light movie blog, we have seen an almost 40% increase in web traffic totaling some 22.5 Million hits to the website in recent months’.