Errol Flynn Swordmaster and Friend to Galatia Passes

It is with a sad and heavy heart we say goodbye to the true legend, sword master Bob Anderson. He will forever be remembered as a phenomenal stunt expert, who has designed and choreographed some of the most beautiful and breathtaking action movie scenes. In the documentary “Reclaiming the Blade” he said: “I never took up the sword, I think the sword took me up.” He will be greatly missed by all of us.

From the director Daniel McNicoll:

‘Bob was intelligent, good spirited and a wonderful teacher, to pay tribute to his talents was an honor. Three great men have since passed on upon making our film. Great artists and weaponsmiths each with amazing legacies. Life is good, do what you love, put great quality in everything you do, this is what these men taught me.

Bob Anderson (swordmaster choreographer) 1922 – 2015

Paul Champagne (swordsmith) 1963-2009

Hank Reinhart (sword martial artist, academic) 1934-2007